We are not artists.

We are digital makers, strategists, efficiency freaks and coffee lovers.

Digital innovation starts with the people.
That’s why we keep people at the core of everything we make.

We build digital native brands that live in today’s culture. 

We believe effective digital strategy, good creative and smooth user experience are rights, not privileges.

We are obsessed with humanity and create digital experiences that make an lasting and positive impact in the lives of people.

Digital consultancy & strategy

Challenge the status quo and remove the barriers at the junction of business, user experience, creative and tech.

Creative power

Bringing ideas to life by uncovering insights and delivering creative concepts beautifully crafted.

Technology unleashed

Behind all the products we deliver there are thousands of lines of codes for the best web, mobile or offline-to-online experience

User centricity

Focusing on people every second.


Doing the things right.


Doing the right things.

Challenge oriented

Because everything has a solution. It’s a matter of finding it and design it.

Discipline obsessed

Only through discipline we can make things that matter.

Humanity inspired

People are a constant source of inspiration. The secret is empathy.

Let’s leave art to artists.
Let’s talk about business solutions.

If you have a challenge that you need help to solve it we’d love to discuss how The Beards Studio can help you.

Hit the button bellow, fill in the form and we will get back to you asap.

Or drop us a line at claudiu@thebeards.co.

Or call us at +40 744 656 656 or Skype @cjojatu.

The journey starts with


Always thinking about


Building higher performing


With a little help from


Delivered through seamless


And translated from hieroglyphs to


We also do a as much social and pro bono work as possible.

If you are a NGO and you have a challenge for us, we’d love to hear from you and see how we can help you change the world.